Jock Jones

Jock is a chair maker living and working in historic Spring City, Utah.   He has been a self taught hobbyist woodworker most of his adult life.  He began making chairs when he and his wife retired in 2002 which allowed him time to “go back East” and learn the craft of Windsor Chair making. In 2004 Jock and his wife moved to Spring City, a small historic town in the center of Utah which is known for its numerous artist and craftsmen.  With the help of his wife he built his dream shop and has been making chairs ever since.  Because of the scarcity of  good green hardwoods in the West chair making is an “Eastern sport”.  Which is why Jock is probably the only chair maker in the inter-mountain West.
I make my chairs by hand.  I use the same methods, tools and materials as the craftsmen of 250 years ago did. These chairs were designed to be made by hand. When the machine age arrived the manufacture of beautiful well built Windsors disappeared. Factory made chairs are clunky and heavy.  They lack the delicate grace and charm only hand made chairs can provide.